Thursday, May 15, 2003

U.S. Says Has No Plans for Military Action in Iran
"MOSCOW (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Thursday Washington has no plans to take military action to stop Iran's nuclear programme, which, Washington says, is a cover to develop nuclear weapons.
Iran, which is building a nuclear power station at Bushehr with Russian help, denies the charge, saying its nuclear energy program is for peaceful purposes.
The United States has been pressing Russia to end support for the program and argues oil-rich Iran, with a population of 66 million people, does not need a nuclear energy programme.
"We are concerned about what Iran is doing (with its nuclear programme)...We believe Russia also has some concerns. We will work with the international community to persuade Iran that they should not move in this direction," Powell told Ekho Moskvy radio station on the last day of a visit to Russia...."

...should we be happy about it? Or does it make another kind of concern?

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