Wednesday, May 21, 2003

The story of the Internet and the frustrated mullahs
"....The story of the Internet and the mullahs is a fascinating study in how technology can subvert even the most repressive of regimes. In the past couple of years, Iranian authorities have cracked down hard on the country's reformist press, closing newspapers and arresting journalists. But it will be harder for the mullahs to close down the Web. Sina Montallebi has become a powerful symbol of the liberal and technology-savvy generation that the mullahs have failed to suppress....
"I think Weblogs are very powerful in the absence of a free press," says Mr. Derakhshan. But that's not the only reason for their popularity. "Blogs got popular in Iran because of the change in the value system. They're about self-expression, individuality, rationality, and tolerance." The Net is also popular with teenagers and young adults, he adds, because their parents have no idea what they're doing....."

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