Sunday, March 23, 2003

It's the third day of holidays & all I do is just reading news or watching photos of war in Iraq on the net...Everyone is talking about war & everywhere is full of photos, reports & other fucking related things to war...I'm really tired of this situation & now understand how disgusting war is, Although still it has no direct effect in our life.
So, I'm just waiting for the moment to read that war is over & Iraq is free! How fine that would be; but after it will be countdown for our country!!! oh what a strange world...
You know, these days the thing that has filled my mind even more than this war & present events is though of future, actually not my future, but ours!!! I think about the world's target & the place we are going to...If things are gonna go on like this, what would be our motivations for surviving? If the world is just this damn unpleasant scene of nerves, who really prefers to live?

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