Wednesday, February 26, 2003

U.N. Team Discusses Human Rights in Iran
"TEHRAN, Iran (AP)--A United Nations group investigating human rights abuses said Wednesday Iran was jailing dissenters for their political beliefs and restricting access to lawyers....
...Rights groups have charged that dozens of reformist journalists and political activists have been jailed over the past three years for criticizing the rule of unelected Islamic hard-line clerics.
He said the prison system's use of solitary confinement and alleged unofficial detention centers were areas of key concern.
Joinet said the absence of lawyers was especially striking. ``Many convicted criminals are not aware of the duties of a lawyer and state-appointed lawyers are insufficient in number and not paid sufficiently,'' he said...."

This was somehow good & hopeful but I believe that still they didn't see many more important things or that's better to say some others didn't let them see...

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