Saturday, December 28, 2002

Yesterday, there was a conference for many Farsi bloggers to meet each other or somehow put bogging in a formal way. The reason for conference was giving the prizes of the first Farsi weblogs competition. As I have read in others’ reports, the atmosphere of the conference was better than everybody thought & there were many important people that had come. But anyway I am not very happy that Farsi weblogs are getting formal. At this time I don’t write in Farsi anymore but I read many Farsi weblogs & I like some of them very much but as I had said before generally they are getting in a way that I don’t like. And most of famous bloggers themselves say that this is not the ideal situation & Farsi weblogs in this short period of time has changed a lot.
Some hours after the conference finished the site of “computer & technology magazine”, the ones who had began the completion & also the conference was hacked,And also the most famous weblogs of women; “khorshidkhanoom" than means sun lady, and the hackers in the frontpage of weblog have written in Farsi:” this whore-house is on sale”!!!! These days everybody talks about the low security of most Iranian hosts, and it’s getting worse each day.

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