Friday, December 27, 2002

Tomorrow is the day of the first final exam & I these days I couldn't come & spend enough time for webgarding( I don't know really what word should I really use instead of webgardi)!!! Each time I wanted to turn on the computer my mother came & started nagging & advising me to stop wasting time & studying for exam. I think that most of parents are real enemies of computer & if they could they would kill the ones who started making this magic box. But Fortunately my parents don't know many thinks about computer & Internet , If they knew the situation became worse, perhaps they wanted to check every sites I visit & that isn't very nice, is that?
Anyway, everyone's out & I'm alone in home & can do whatever I want. As a good girl I had to study hard for tomorrow, but as the girl that I am, I never waste the times that I'm alone with that fool works...
OK, It's better to go & do a little webgarding To fill the emptiness of last days & probably future days, although I hope & try to come & connect to Internet even for some minutes.
I don't know what to do with this sweet addiction!!!

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