Sunday, December 01, 2002

Today, there is no special news to write about, I just added my weblog in some blog lists & now I want to write a kind of diary.
This awful feeling is again with me. I don't know what exactly it is but that makes me unable to do anything & I feel like I hate everything.
I have lots of lessons to study & tomorrow we have two difficult exams but again I'm not in the mood of studying at all.
when I came back from school I slept about three hours & now on the net; my mum nags & tell me to stop wasting my time & turn off the computer but she doesn't know , the thing that should be turned off is my mind , not computer. Oh, she nags, nags & nags, it seems that there is no other thing she can do.
Weather is cloudy & sky is going crazy, it doesn't know what to do, rain or not to rain!!!
My father is slept, he has a headache like ever...
The house is quiet & everything is almost normal except my thoughts that are crowded in my mind, trying to make me think about them.

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