Monday, December 02, 2002

Iran women get more divorce rights
BBC has written a news about the women & rules of divorce that I suggest you to read it, I'm surprised , it's about some months that we can see many more topics about Iran in BBC news & I think that's great.
Anyway, it writes: “Currently Iranian women are allowed to file for divorce only if they have written permission from their spouse. Alternatively they have to prove that a husband cannot provide for his family, is a drug addict, insane or impotent. However a man can divorce his wife whenever he wishes.”
that's an Islamic rule about divorce that from the time I remember till this moment, many women has tried to do something about that & prove that it is not right, but none of them has succeed to make selfish men, believe that the women are not second persons & they can live as same as men. None of them could shout & say the world that even in these years that whole world thinks about improvement, there are many girls in Iran that are not allowed to study, some that are forced to marry with some men as old as their father & there are some girls & women that like prisoners in the cages that men, has made for them, some cages that they call it prejudice but it's nothing more that some selfish & rotten thoughts. Some unreal power that make them think, they can lead women & do whatever they want with them .

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