Thursday, December 19, 2002

Snowy Days...
It’s been two days that I haven't blogged!!!!
It's beautifully snowing, In the morning when I got up & looked at window, everywhere was white & snowed , The scene that always make me happy. It's the first time in this year that snowing has been too much. I think that it will be a real winter.

These days Iranian channels of satellite (from LA) has left the Iran demonstrations subject & are talking about the new problem of Iranian immigrants in America. As they say it’s a very bad situation & US is behaving strange. Many Iranians are in prison with chain in their arms & legs. Till now I haven't read anything about it in the formal news sites & that is the thing that makes them really sad & angry. They have planned to have some activities to show the worlds this acts of America with Iranians.
Honestly, Iranian has done many good things In America, in compare with other foreign immigrants. I don't know what's our fault?? That poor Iranians should be in trouble everywhere, inside or outside the country. I feel really sad when I think about the people from my fatherland, that are been behaved so badly. I feel sorry about my blood, Iranian blood. Others say that we should be proud of what we are, I am proud of what I am, but I'm not proud of what others thing I am. look & see what has happened to this country with great cavitations that one day was one of the best & richest countries in the world & people had respect in everywhere, & today It is a poor country that others look at the people as terrorists .
I feel sorry…about these snowy days…

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