Thursday, December 19, 2002

New York Times:"Thousands of Iranian-Americans demonstrated against the arrest of Middle Eastern immigrants who had voluntarily registered with the federal government under a new anti-terrorism program.

The protest Wednesday outside a federal building snarled traffic on Wilshire Boulevard. No arrests were reported.

Their signs bore such sentiments as ``What Next? Concentration Camps?'' and ``Detain Terrorists Not Innocent Immigrants.''

The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System is the agency's first step toward monitoring all visitors since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Immigration officials have not provided any figures on the number of detentions."

It seems that the demonstration outside federal building have had good results. But the TV channels of Islamic republic used as much as it could of this demonstration: “Yes, you see, at last all Iranians understood what a violent US is & what has it down to the human body in the world. noch noch noch!!!!” but They couldn't see that at least Iranian could have their protest freely against the host country, & they didn't say that the reason of all these problems is that fucking republic that is called :" Islamic republic of Iran". Oh After these years I feel sick of these nasty words.

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