Wednesday, December 04, 2002

 Iranian: "The Citadel of the New City -- "Shahreno" -- was Tehran's brothel
district before the 1979 Revolution. It was a cesspool of disease, drug
addiction and crime; a direct result of poverty.

The area was destroyed during the first days of the new regime. The houses were
demolished and the ladies were dispersed. Some were executed. Of the sordid life
and culture of that district, all that remains today are some photographs.

The original documentary photographs were taken in 1356 (1977) over a period of nine months This small selection of portraits of some of the women of The
Citadel was digitally manipulated in 1381 (2002)."

As you read in the source, the citadel of New city was a kind of whore-house in Tehran. After revolution, some went & burned the houses & some of the women in it. They were all poor women that just did these kinds of works for money. These days, about 23 years after revolution, the prostitute in Iran is getting worse & worse. If, that time there was a place for these women, now they are in all streets & also the number of the houses is increasing. Girls & women from 15 to 40 or more go to streets & sell their bodies for earning money, sometimes just to eat something & this is like that time a direct result of poverty.  

Let's be honest, prostitute isn't just for Iran & this act of having sex for earning money, has been a problem in every countries . But the important thing is the way of it that now in Iran is in the worst way. As sex before marriage is a rude in Iran, & the necessary information about sex was missed, these days many people don't know many things that they must know & that cause troubles. Some serious troubles!!! Although AIDS is going to hook more & more people, still no right information has been given to masses. Anyway, one of the worst results o f revolutions is the sexual problems & the wrong way of thinking about the sex. That would take a lot of time- perhaps more than these 23 years- to change some of these wrong ways.

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