Thursday, December 05, 2002

After I wrote those things yesterday , I received an email about this subject from a good friend; you know sometimes I have many things to say but because my English isn't perfect I can't say all I want or I can't say exactly what I mean. Anyway, this is the e-mail that says more things about that subject & also the thoughts of some Iranian men, written by an Iranian woman:
"...just read your piece about the prostitution in Iran. It's no wonder with the poverty and the unemployment and the oppression of women that prostitution is rampant. As for the half ass backward way that men could do whatever they want and women are supposed to be these virginal, innocent creatures. It almost makes you wonder what sort of psychiatric problems these men have to want to have sex with whomever and then find an innocent girl who hasn’t seen daylight to get married to. Sex before marriage is not necessarily a prescription for happiness but it is so backward to expect that from half of the population. Having lived in US for now about 23 years, what really makes me mad about Iranian men is that a lot of them even get married to some poor American woman, have children and than abandon them to go back to Iran and marry some poor virginal Iranian girl to have a real marriage. As if American women are not human..."

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