Saturday, December 21, 2002

I'm here, after the nasty & boring half of the today, & before the nice
half... School was worse than ever, unfortunately this is the last week before
final exams & things are getting hard & complicated. &
tonight...yeah, it’s Yalda night. Don't you know about Yalda night??? No matter,
it’s completely Iranian. perhaps the most Iranian night pf the year...The
longest night of year , The night for old & young persons of family to be
together like before, The Night Of water-melon, pomegranate & nuts, The night of
Hafez poems , The night Of memories for grandparents & the night that is
becoming just a name for young people. I think recently I am getting more than
ever sensitive about everything!!! Yes, Yalda night is the last night of autumn
& is giving a nice Hi to winter, & from long time ago Iranians used to celebrate
it in their families. Being up late & eat & laughing & tell stories & reading
poems. And these days, these nasty days that there is no time for being together
I like this night a lot , because that's still a reason to be with some
relatives & have a happy night, forgetting the problems , & for a lover of
winter that I am It's an incredible night.


Oh, how difficult it is to explain something like Yalda
night that has the scent of Iran, In English. Of course one of reasons is my
English that is not very good, but that’s another reason too. And that’s the
things that can’t be said in any languages, some things like the nice feeling
that I have now.



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