Sunday, December 15, 2002

About two weeks later, the Final exams will be started & that's too bad, and these days, midterm exams are finishing. I'm not doing them very good, today we had a difficult algebra exam. But more than thinking about questions & the test I was trying to hide my hands during writing; many other ones were like me too. Why??? Because the one who was in the class & watching us, was the regulator of the school & unfortunately I had nail polish on my nails!!! & also she was making a list of the ones who had long or polished nails…anyway I want to say that girl high schools in Iran have some rules that may be unbelievable for others.
removing hairs of face or eyebrow, having make up even a little, wearing anything except the Uniform, not covering all your hair behind scarf & in some high schools not wearing chador (the black material that some women wear) or not going to daily prays, are against the laws of schools & would make troubles for students, Also having any CD, tape or other forbidden things in their bags. Fortunately our school is much better than other high schools & they don't make it very hard for students but anyway they have to be in the way that the whole system is.
Summer of the last year, we had a guest from Germany, My aunt’s friend & her girl that was born & grown up in Germany. I tried to know about their country, school, and rules or other things. We talked about these things & after the conversation, she was shocked & I was ashamed or somehow jealous. She was shocked because of the rules in our schools & the things that students are not allowed to do & I was ashamed because of the country that I live in & jealous about the atmosphere of their schools & freedom that they have.
Ok, too much for today. Like other days I have lots of lessons to study. There will be exam & exam & exam. Wish me luck ;)

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