Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Iran Agrees on Nuclear Inspections, Uranium Freeze
"TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran agreed on Tuesday to snap inspections of its nuclear sites and to freeze uranium enrichment in what three visiting European ministers hailed as a promising start to removing doubts about Tehran's atomic aims...
....British, French and German foreign ministers, who flew to Tehran with a carrot-and-stick deal aimed at convincing Iran to comply with an October 31 U.N. deadline to prove it has no atomic bomb ambitions, greeted the agreement as an important step forward rather than a breakthrough......"

…Iran’s government is playing host to some special guests, so they’re trying their best to treat them well! As the foreign ministers of three European countries are in Iran, Government is so much careful these days; there is a heavy traffic in the city & it's said that they have banned some of the ways & streets…
Just God knows what has REALLY happened between the Iran & these three countries' leaders, but whatever it was, now they have made an agreement. Islamic Republic's leaders seem a bit frightened of their future & the results of their waywardness.

A small group of students have also had a demonstration against signing the protocol;
Although it’s clearly seen in the photos what kind of students they were! You know, living in Iran has proved me that you can never believe what happens here & mush be always searching for hidden reasons behind the events, as I am doubtful about this demonstration & the ones who planned & led it…

Anyway, I really don’t know if supporting or opposing, signing this protocol is right or not; & what reaction Iranians should have at the time. I just know that I feel awful when I see foreign ministers of other countries come & speak with cruel & dictator leaders of a radical Islamic regime who have always ruled the country by trick & violence… but all in all, it’s just another waste of time.

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