Monday, September 01, 2003

University!?...far away!
Nojavan: "today, in the way to return home, i saw a large crowd in front of "exams center of azad university" (markaze azmoon) plus some policecars and their forces.
i couldn't overcome my curiosity so i went through the crowd. there were girls crying and boys sounded shocked.
the reason was that their papers of "azad university entrance exam" had been removed from the grading process. i, personally, support the action by the university because these boys n girls had bought the questions before the exam became held. (unfair job... isn't it?)
of great fortune, i had my digicam with me and i decided to take some photos. i was going to press the shot bottun, that someone stopped me and wanted me to follow him to the policecar calmly. they got my digicam and looked at every photo...."

Interesting...actually selling questions before the University test has become a serious problem & each year gets worse. You know, going to university & the years before the test is one of the most important problems of Iranians but I rarely write about it, because that's a kind of problem that until you are don't live in Iran & don't have to have so much difficulties to just continue your education can't understand what I mean. Sometimes, I think that it might be funny for others that this is the worst problem of eighteen years old person in Iran that has just one way & that is going to university in a hard & unfair rivalry…Everything so inequitable & everyone using any kind of trick to survive in this complicated competition.

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