Saturday, September 06, 2003

…I’m totally full of emptiness. I’m thinking of time, & the years that have been passed. I think of “me” & the one who has grown up & has had hundred kinds of metamorphoses through these years…
Oh, I’m not ready. It’s a strange night & thinking about its length can’t make me calm, I think I have no time to get ready. This frustration is just coming after me & doesn’t leave me even in a night that I should think of more important things, like my exact place at the time & what I have achieved through this year…
Anyway, let’s make a resolution… I wish to have my concentration back, my solitude & also a bigger share of my childhood…. I think of leaving, I just wanna leave these days to a different time.
…Happy birthday! What a funny sentence to be heard in a day that reminds you how criminal & empty time is…

…I know a sad little fairy
who lives in an ocean
and ever so softly
plays her heart into a magic flute
a sad little fairy
who dies with one kiss each night
and is reborn with one kiss each dawn.

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