Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The truths to be disclosed…
It is interesting with someone who has worked for the Information & safety ministry of Islamic republic for years, show the other side of coin & start helping people’s movement & divulge all their lies.... that is what has been happening for a while. I don't know if you have heard about Hamid Reza Zakeri or not, the one who showed truth to the world about some important secrets like relationship of Iran's government with Al Qaeda, everything about Iran's program of mass distraction &... & recently said some facts about the owners of two of Farsi satellite channels in the LA who have entertaining programs & as he says are working for the Iran’s government to mislead the people ...Now there is a real mess in the Persian satellite channels(although it has always been something like a mess). You know, I really admire what Mr. Zakeri is doing, some of people believe that as he has been working for the Iran’s government for years, we can't trust him; but I believe whoever he was & is; now what he is doing is valuable. He’s helping people & showing them the pure true. Actually no one can stand against this regime except the one who has been with them & know all about their nasty tricks.
Here is the English page of his weblog, that isn't as perfect as the Farsi page & not all revelations are published there, but worth seeing.

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