Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Iran will never give up nuclear technology: supreme leader
"Iran's supreme leader has said his country will never give up its nuclear technology under pressure from the United States and others, who are urging Tehran to agree to more stringent inspections of its programs.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a gathering of Iranian ambassadors late Monday that "the position of the United States and certain Western countries, which require Iran to give up nuclear technology is unsuitable, unjust and oppressive, and the Islamic Republic of Iran will never accept these requests."
"The conditions in which the United States deals with the rest of the world as a creditor, always asking for more, make any weakness and surrender the greatest strategic error," the state news agency IRNA reported him as saying.
."Iranian nuclear science is indigenous and peaceful, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on religious principles, will never use weapons of mass destruction," Khamenei added...."

Oh, he sounds brave...but there's just a little difference between bravery & foolishness! I don't know what do they have that make them speak with such a great power & confident...religious principles, what have been the most important causes of our misery through all these years.

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