Friday, August 15, 2003

Back again after another break, somehow a constrained one. Besides I was busy & didn't have much time, my computer also had found a problem; it was a kind of virus & then I understood that many others have the same problem & so...but finally, the essential problem was something wrong with my motivations!
Anyways, I've dramatically cut off the time I spend online & in front of computer. And that is like a very important & great event in my life! For someone like me who used to spend all night web surfing & that has become like a kind of addiction; this way of forgetting all about this cyber world isn't very simple! You know, as I've said, I've made many changes to the way I think , so I can make new decisions...I understood that in the past years I used different things to escape from the reality & now I feel tired of any kind of escaping, in the end we have to live in the reality...oh; enough! But please don't ask what they all have to do with each other, because I don't know myself!

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