Sunday, July 13, 2003

Iran's Khatami Says Will Quit if People Wish It:
"TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's President Mohammad Khatami said he would quit if people wanted him to, a newspaper reported on Saturday, as his reformist government faced growing criticism for failing to tackle conservative Islamic opponents.
Khatami's 1997 election raised hopes of reform among many Iranians, most of whom were born after the 1979 Islamic revolution. But conservatives occupying powerful unelected posts in Iran's complex political structure have blocked the reforms.
Public frustration spilled on to the streets in recent weeks with anger directed at Khatami as well as the hardline Islamic clerics. Some protesters have called on Khatami to resign.
"We are not people's masters, but we are this nation's servants. We will go, if this nation says we do not want you," Khatami was quoted as saying by the Iran newspaper....."

…so he did the best & it seems that all those protests & chants against him, finally made him believe that people hate him & his dirty tricks, although living in Iran has touch me not to believe Mullahs easily; & still I'm not sure that he is telling all those with honestly & if he's trying to make another trick or not....
Anyway, he was the only Mullah after revolution who was beloved for a while, I don't know what exactly happened to people who voted for him two times, but for sure that was not another trick of Islamic republic & Iranians were really impressed by him & his plans & sweet talks of reform...
Now they all have understood their mistake & after these years, there is no time left for khatami to rebuild what he has destroyed & the best thing to do is to quit. If he does so, for sure will make a good ending to these years of being President & people will be a bit satisfied & also less furious about him, & if not it will be proved again that he has always been a big liar.
There is no doubt, it’s time to go for them; the wise ones will apply sooner & others will wait to be kicked out from Iran or perhaps this world...

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