Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Hossein Derakhshan points to the list of possible future leaders of Iran & says that the writer knows nothing about Iranian political & finds this list funny...I don’t know what Mr. Yousefzadeh knows about Iran but for sure I agree with hoder that this is a funny list!
But there is another point & I believe whether this is a good list or not, at least would be a great start for thinking about future leader that has somehow been forgotten. Here is also a kind of discussion that is interesting.
I believe that Iranians at the time just think of opposing Islamic republic & don't think of what would happen after Mullahs are gone. There is no alternative government & no serious leader for movements. Perhaps that's why demonstrations seem a bit aimless.
Anyway, I feel good & optimistic about any possible discussion & list even funny about possible future leaders of Iran...Thanks to Pejman & Hoder both!

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