Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Blue Bird Escape....American Life:
"Saturday mornings people go to the mall and spend their morning and part of their afternoon shopping.
The road is clear. Not too many cars. Not too much traffic. It is a joy to drive.
At home music can play loudly.
At the movies people quiet down when the film starts.
People are not allowed to smoke in public places.
Choosing a comfortable outfit is not a problem.
Writing is not a crime.
Speaking is not wrong.
Dreaming is allowed.
Success exists.
Freedom is a word.
Love is a reality...."

It was a long time I wanted to write about this weblog Blue Bird escape, although at time many of you know about that & her excellent notes. Even for someone like me, who is a girl that lives in Iran; reading notes of an Iranian girl who has spent much of her life in somewhere else & again has come back to her homeland, is interesting...although now she has gone to U.S.A, but her experience in Iran is really worth reading.
Also see the excellent photos she has taken from Iran...
I always find a special feelings after reading her weblog, I thing about the differences of Life with & without freedom & that makes me get more confused f the meaning of freedom & finally the strange relationship between freedom & Justice....I wonder who similar & also different they are!

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