Thursday, July 10, 2003 the anniversary of Tir 18 is over, But things somehow didn't happen as it was expected, actually there were kinds of battles in some of streets but when I compare the crowd & braveness of people in protests of some weeks ago with this one I believe that unfortunately it was an unsuccessful demonstration & people didn't support students very well.
Although there are two other reasons that didn't let things go very well, one is that as it was more than three months that every groups were planning for this day & encouraging people, all Islamic vigilantes & police were ready from some days ago & used all their power not to let people do anything, they even didn't let people get together & make a crowd. Everywhere was full of Basijis in black to recognize each other; so they were careful enough not to let anything serious happen…Again many ones got arrested & I’ve also heard that it was shooting in some streets.
Another reason is that a great number of active fighters & leaders of opposition groups in Iran were detained from weeks ago & the protest couldn't have a good plan.
Anyway I think that government did its best to stop people, but people didn't do their best to support students & show their dissatisfaction....
You know, a while ago I read somewhere that Iranians always do something when nobody except & It's impossible to mark a day to make a revolution, revolution will be made itself suddenly. Now I feel that it's somehow right, perhaps most of people made a mistake!
Here is the report of Reuters & sky news, I couldn’t find any photos in the net; Media coverage of the events wasn't also very good inside Iran...

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