Thursday, May 29, 2003

It's been raining hard for the last days & in the third month of spring it’s even colder than spring days! I think there is really something wrong with Tehran’s weather these days, but in anyways it's raining & that's always fine....
Today I had physics exam & I've just come home. In the coming week I'll have the most important & difficult exams like geometry, chemistry, math...although I had decided not to but Internet at least for this week but I couldn't & I just bought an expensive 5 hour Internet card in order to think about the money I've paid & use less! It was the first time that I bought Internet from this ISP, & there are so many warnings about controlling users & following Islamic republic rules & these things that I'm a bit afraid even for blogging!
Anyway, these days in Iran nothing is good, the Organization of Islamic Conference summit has been opened & all TV channels are talking about it & wanna show it very important; arresting girls for their appearance in streets is still continuing; & also the game of US & exiles of evil is going on & Iran is becoming more important in the limelight of International news....& an important point is that 18th of Tir is coming & all the oppositions are getting ready for this day that is gonna be an important day with a big anti-government demonstration.
...and we’re watching all these things going on & are waiting to see what happens...

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