Thursday, May 08, 2003

Iran's judiciary drafts bill to probe into internet offenses: press
"Iran's judiciary is drawing up a bill to probe into Internet offenses amid rising shift to cyber entertainment in a country where more than 60 percent of the youth are aged below 20, press Tuesday quoted state prosecutor Abdonnabi Namazi as saying, IRNA reported from Tehran.
The move is part of the Islamic Republic's plans to regulate Internet use and clamp down on cyber-acquaintances and solicitations as well as exposure to offensive material....."

It seems that control & filtering Internet is getting serious, & it's said that they have also made a list of websites that they think must be filtered, & soon all ISPs must allow new rules & have filtering software...of course that won't be nice for people who receive information from Internet because for sure they will filter all sources of true information & political sites against the Islamic republic. That's not nice but for sure won't last too long; their time is over & with doing these kinds of things they can not make people thief, blind & unable to think...

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