Wednesday, April 30, 2003

SARS...what a frightening word!!! ha ha portents are really frightened & it's enough just to say "SARS" in the house to make them worried & talking about it for hours...actually I was talking with my friend that she said one of her sister's friends is in hospital & doctors say that she has SARS! I think if SARS really comes to Iran, I'll be one of the first ones to have it, because I'm not that much strong against illnesses.

I don't know why but I really don't have any kind of worry about it & thinking of SARS doesn't make any senses for me, It's a while that I don't even give a damn to these kinds if fears...
You know, recently I've been having a feeling that we won't have any chance of life, & can't escape at all...with all these news about different probable dangers there is really no way; for example some days ago I read somewhere that most of people in Tehran will have cancer because of noise signals that government sends to stop people watching satellite channels, or somewhere else I read that soon there will be a very huge earth quake in Tehran that will damage everything...there are also lots about different kinds of illnesses & disasters, I'm just waiting to read somewhere:" Don't worry about anything at all, soon everything will be finished & if you want or not you'll die...bye bye"!

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