Friday, April 18, 2003

Iraqi Muslims Protest Against Foreign Troops
"Tens of thousands of Iraqi Muslims took to the streets of Baghdad after Friday prayers today to demand the departure of U.S. and other foreign troops and the establishment of an Islamic state.
The demonstration was peaceful, news agencies reported, but it provided dramatic new evidence that the ouster of Saddam Hussein's secular government has unleashed pent-up religious sentiment, especially among the country's long-repressed Shiite Muslim majority. In the absence of strong government, Islam often provides the organizing principle, and the civic institutions, of Muslim societies....." know, at first when I heard about this big demonstration, I got angry or perhaps sorry that Iraqis don't think & don't wanna improve & have a better life & though that it won't be good for their future, but when I though more I realized that it's not that much bad...actually this demonstration is the first sign of democracy in Iraq, & that would be so sweet for the people who couldn't say their opinions or protest again anything & now by the liberty that Us has brought to their country can come freely to streets & say whatever they want, although I still believe that it's not their real feeling & all these are because of Muslim leaders that excite people to demonstrate against something without thinking...that's my idea.

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