Tuesday, April 22, 2003

At the time news of sina Motallebi arrest is really hot in Persian weblogs world...the link of petition for his freedom is also at the first place in blogdex...actually Motallebi isn't the only one that is arrested in Iran & each day many ones suffer from this government in many ways, the only difference is that Sina, because of his weblog was known for more ones...I think this arrest has changed to a symbolic act of oppression & this reaction of people is also fighting with that cruelty. But still I have doubt, about every little thing that happens, these years were enough for me to learn to think carefully & doubtful about every things, because behind every single event is a dirty trick;
Now the training of Islamic republic is completed, a doubter that doesn't believe or trust anything...that's a fact that it was a trick from the first, the whole Islam & Islamic republic!

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