Friday, March 07, 2003

Today is the 16th of Esfand & It's a while that lots of Farsi bloggers are planning for today, they have decided to mark 16th of Esfand as the day of Iranian Bloggers support to homeless children who have been abandoned & don’t have any protector ...I think It's a great idea & for sure as there are lots of bloggers, they can help & give lot of money & other things, specially happiness to theses children...So They are having a meeting in one of the biggest places for these children, today. I think it’s the first act of charity of Iranian bloggers, & is really nice & important.
The sentence on their banner is: “Is your home cold? I'll put the sun in a pocket & will sent it to you...." , they also have made a weblog for this reason here.( It's in Farsi; I don't know why sometimes I link to a Farsi sites, but I feel It gives credit to a note.)
Anyway, I wish luck for them....

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