Monday, March 03, 2003

My room is a real mess, I wanna make it tidy & clean it; actually killing two birds with one stone, first for the coming year & the Norooz that we should make house nice & clean & also for the little party that I'm gonna have with my friends on the weekend...although here is like hell & I just don't know where exactly I should start from but I'm happy because both of the reasons are good & I have great motivations...actually this time of the year is always great, It is the last month of the year, all exams are finished & school & lessons don't seem so serious, & also the new year's celebration is coming up & I'm really exited...inn fact it seems a little strange for me because I'm not a lover of spring & most of the years I didn't have good feelings at this time of year, specially last year that generally was a bad & sad year for me, but this year things are different & I'm just waiting for the great coming days of Norooz. Anyway, I'm going to write more & more about Norooz & wonderful Iranian cultures in the New Year & these kinds of things. There are so many things to say in this area....Wishing the best & the most beautiful things for everyone in the world...

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