Friday, March 28, 2003

Less than half an hour...!!!
I have just less than half an hour Internet access & I really don't know what to do with this!!! actually these days because I didn't feel like doing anything else & was bored, used Internet more than ever; a 15 hours card in less than 2 days & now I can't really tell my mother to buy me I don't think I can answer all mails of last days or check all my favorite websites in this "less than half an hour"!.....
Anyways; Hoder(The father of Farsi weblogs) in his popular Farsi weblog recently has written a note about the focus of the world on middle-east & the importance of weblogs written in English, he has also linked to my weblog & my nedstat page saying that although my English isn't good I have many visitors, but has also encouraged because writing everyday...actually he tries to make other Iranians write weblog in English...& I totally agree with him & just wish that his note causes many others start English weblogs that will help the world have a clear & real view of Iran & original news & reports with no limitation from the natives; & that's the power of this lovely cyber world...! Ok, it's better to go & decide what to do with the rest of this less than half an hour Internet that at the time is MY ALL!!!

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