Friday, March 07, 2003

…It’s an ordinary Friday & is our holiday; the weather is great & all signs of nature are reminding me that spring is coming…So I don’t feel like studding at all, you know It’s less than two weeks to the end of year & the new year holidays & the high school is not serious at all, no one feels like studding & every ones waiting for free coming days... we have about two weeks & sometimes, a couple of days more holidays for the new year, many ones say that there must be less, I also do believe that generally Iran’s holidays are too many , but actually like everyone else I have get used of it & can’t stand less than it ;)…Anyway, first days of new year, is the days of dido bazdide eid; that means that all of relatives & friends go to each others houses , just as a matter of seeing each other in the new year, at first the young ones should go & see the olds of the family & then others…I think somehow It’s a nice custom, for example there are lots of persons of our relatives that we don’t see them in the year at all & It can be a reason for seeing each other, & also the ones who have had argument & are not in touch, must stop these kinds of behaviors & start the new year with kindness. So first days of the New Year is spent on such a think, personally I don’t like this custom & have no sense of seeing the ones who I hardly know, but it should be done…there are lots of little things like this that make the great culture of Norooz, & all of them are based on happiness, kindness & nice connection between humans,…Oh, I feel that nowadays so far we are from these things & we are getting farther & farther, That’s why these customs seems strange for this new generation that have been growth in sadness, lie, tricks & have seen many ones who don’t care about humans’ peace & happiness.
Anyway...forget about these talks, beauty of spring & the magic of nature is another thing & that will destroy all the bad things itself. I’m just waiting for the bride of seasons to come & gives everyone hope of surviving…

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