Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Iranians arrested for net dating
It is a piece of news about arrested young girls & boys for a net dating, although it is not a good news & however is not a positive point for Iran; But It's not as hard as some journals tried to show...as I know they were arrested just for some hours & then got free & It just was like a kind of warning...Anyway; It's a while that I wanna say, I have lost my trust to News agencies from out of country, Like BBC & specially its reports from Iran...I think most of the times they go too far & for some reasons they don't do even the main roots of journalist...yeah, I know; I'm just a young girl & don't know many things about journalism & I'm not in a place to talk about such a big & professional News agency, but at least I know that a true report must be completely impartially & the way I usually see in the foreign sites of News are not right about Iran...& this the result; that most of people from other countries have a completely wrong view of Iran & sometimes I get shocked by hearing or reading some thoughts of others about my country. So I think that’s not good at all; you know, a reporter especially nowadays has an important responsibility of putting a true & clear picture of the things that is reported, in front of the reader, & deleting wrong & ignorant views of people, but I don’t see these things at least about the news I read about my homeland.
Anyway, I didn’t want to get into things I don’t have enough information about or the stuff, just sharing my opinion with you.

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