Tuesday, February 25, 2003

You've come to the worng place...
How much I sometimes feel weak & unable to explain the situation with details clearly, Iranian site does it in the best ways, there are some parts of one of new articles...
"..........But the reality is that the circumstances of Iran under the mullahs cannot be compared to either Taliban Afghanistan or Iraq under Saddam Hussein. While Iran is still accused of state sponsored repression, censorship and civil rights violations by a variety of international organizations, no one with any exposure to Iran would claim that the situation for Women is akin to that of Afghanistan or other neighbors such as our ally Saudi Arabia. In fact, over the past few weeks, legislation has been passed permitting to drive public buses and taxis. Furthermore, the Iranian government has never used weapons of mass destruction, slaughtering large groups of its own people.

....The fashionable northern half of Tehran is the domain of the young female. With an estimated two thirds of Iran's population under the age of thirty, the streets are alive with color and sound. Eminem was everywhere this summer, bootleg copies of his tape blaring from car radios throughout Tehran. Just a few years ago even playing traditional Iranian music at any audible level was a punishable offense, but these days young traffic cops can be caught bobbing their heads to passing Western rhythms.

But Tehran is a city divided. There is no clear landmark that draws the line between north and south, but as one descends the city, towards the side of Mt. Damavand, the realities of "uptown" versus "downtown" become painfully obvious...."

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