Thursday, February 06, 2003

Translation of a piece of news in womeniniran site: a teen young girl tried to kill herself by throwing herself down from a bridge. This was happened when some of students in the school told the regulator that she has brought a cd to school. And the regulator before seeing the cd, told her that she'll be expelled from school & they'll tell her parents too; and after school that girl that studied in the third year of guidance school (age of 14), & was one of the best students, tried to kill herself. She was taken to one of hospitals near the school, and still there is no exact information about her health.

This piece of news badly made me upset; actually it's a disaster...just because of having a cd that hasn’t been even seen. Nowadays there are not such nasty rules about having cd, & the regulators of school try to don’t make things so hard for students. But as I see, in some places there are still these things & that’s really a shame.
When I read things like this I can't imagine where we are on this hug earth. Where can be the position of a country that some girls in it try to kill themselves because of having a cd being in a party or being abused by someone in their own family, &….. Yeah, there are so many strange things around us that make us think more serious about the future we have to choose…

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