Thursday, February 20, 2003

This morning when I woke up & looked out of window everywhere was white & snowed up & there was a heavy snowing; my mom told me TV has reported that all schools & high schools were closed. You know most of the times; it is like this when snow is falling heavily or settled on the ground, because of transplantation problems, actually in these situations there is a real mess in the city & Tehran changes to a hell; streets that are crowded & like jungle in normal days, these days are intolerable¡K
Anyway, I got very happy by the holiday & decided to show my happiness by going to bed again, so I slept to about the time I usually come back from school, although at last I was getting sick of sleeping but at least I could make amends to other damn days that I have to wake up at six o¡¦clock¡K
¡Kunfortunately, snow wasn¡¦t enough to make a snowman or even playing in the snow, so I stayed at home & stayed near heater, listening to music & drinking tea for hours, what I really love to do in snowy days; & had a relaxed say. You know, one of the factors that has an important effect on my mood is whether¡Kit really does, for example in snowy weather I feel calm, rain makes me sensitive¡Kcloudy weather takes depression¡K& sun gives me energy & good feeling¡K
Anyway, it¡¦s the last of week & we have two days as holiday¡KI wish a snowy & calm holiday for myself ƒº

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