Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Some of farsi bloggers have created this page to denounce the cooperation between Islamic Republic Rregime and Ericsson Corp. for disturbance in free information stream...

"...One of Irans governemental institutions, has with the help of the Swedish Ericsson company installed 7 communication installations with technical equipement to disturb the television- and radiosignals which are being broadcasted via satellite over Teheran. The Ericsson company denies this, but these installations have been observed by the population in Teheran. These noice-signals are very health- andenvironment damaging. The noice installations have been in use for 7 months and after a period of inactivity the activity has restarted . The regime in Teheran is using this equipment to prevent the population from watching and listening to free international broadcastings on tv, radio and the internet."

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