Friday, February 07, 2003

It’s a nice Friday noon …last night I stayed up late, web surfing & also I woke up late this morning, so I had this chance to compensate tiredness of last days…
And today I had a great surprise by increase of visitors & e-mails…
So I read all e-mails & found the great feeling that I always find after reading emails; the feeling of having many friends around the world & not being alone.
You know, actually these complicated & hard days, this weblog & friends who I’ve found through it seem just like a light in darkness to me.
Just thinking about, having a free place to nag about things around & share thoughts, & some people who read my notes, care about my country & try to give me confident & hope for better future, makes me feel better.

Anyway, now I should get prepared to go to cinema, tonight a great movie of festival is on & for sure there will be crowded, so we have to go sooner. The name of movie is The fifth reaction, & as I’ve heard is somehow a feminism movie, by one of the best women directors, Tahmineh Milani… I’ll write about that movie & my own opinion later in my weblog. Now I just wish that we find ticket & see that tonight.

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