Sunday, February 09, 2003

The Fifth Reaction film on festival...

...So the day before yesterday we decided to see “the fifth reaction” film on festival…so went to one of the best cinemas to get the ticket at 3 o clock, for the 7 performance, But we were just wasting time & it was impossible to get ticket, there were hundreds of people that had come since morning!!! The area in front of cinema had a situation just like a war, & there wad a very long line of people to the end of street. And there were also many people who had bough tickets before & were entering the cinema, because that was the first performance of the film, some of actors & actresses had come too…

In few words there was a real mess & so many boys & girls had made a crowded place…till about 7 we were just waiting but they didn’t even start selling tickets, & the number of people was increasing…Finally at 7.30 they said that the cinema for this performance is full , because most of people had tickets before, so none of persons who had waited for hours could see the film; but they said that there will be another performance for 11 to 1 at night & started selling ticket…although that wasn’t a good time but love of cinema & festival, specially for Iranians is another thing;) so people started buying tickets, & so did we… This was how we could go & see the film; it’s not very unusual, most of
the times Fajr festival is like this.

 Ok, & now let’s talk about the film…actually among the movies I saw this year on Festival the Fifth Reaction was the best. This film was about some women that were teachers & each of them were symbol of a special group of Iranian women & had their own problems.
As a girl I enjoyed the film a lot, but as I read in news, critics don’t thing very good about the film, I should say that most of critics are men & the film was a bout women’s problems & some cruel things that some of men do to them!!!
Anyway….the cast included Merila Zareii, Niki karimi&… I think that this year with so many rubbish films, The Fifth Reaction will win many prizes.

Actresses & director of the Fifth Reaction:

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