Tuesday, February 11, 2003

...So the 24th Fajr film Festival finished & the winners took their prizes...I just like cinema & watching films but have no special knowledge, so can not give any technical opinions...but as a person who just watches some of films & kept track of news, I didn't enjoy the whole festival & think that something was wrong with it...also, khosro naghibi, who have a special & great weblog about cinema & I trust his notes very much, has written a report of the completion ceremony of festival & has something about this year’s festival; he thinks that this year, TV channels did support Festival a lot, & it was full of television films, television prizes & television judges & also the producer of the film that won the prize of the best film, was the channel one of TV, I think that it doesn’t sound very nice…
Anyway...let me tell you about winners...the film " The crazy ran out of cage"(sorry for the bad translation of the film's name) won the prize of best film , Niki Karimi won the prize of the best actress & habib Rezaie, won the prize of the best actor...you can also see more photos of the completion ceremony here & also here.

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