Monday, February 03, 2003

...So last night we could see a movie on Festival. For getting ticket we went there from 6 for the 9 to 11 performance...& we were waiting for three hours. Every years, Fajr Festival's films have lots of visitors, because the best movies by best directors, Iranian & also top & new films from other countries are shown, & also one of the advantages is that most of Iranian film are shown with no censure, It's not the same about the performance in the year...So It's a good chance to watch great films...Anyway, there are lots of cinemas that show festival films, & all of them are crowded...The foyer of cinema that we went was full of artists & young boys & girls, It was the first performance of this film named Sourati ( pink)...So the director & the cast of film had also come, & that was a surprise for me...That was a comic movie ,I enjoyed it as a normal & entertaining movie but it didn't have any special or great points & had been made more for box office purposes. And I can say it didn’t worth waiting so much & going home 12 at night.
As I took a look at other films schedule, I found so many good films & I really like to see more films at festival but I'm not sure I can.
Anyway, there are two photos of Sourati. The man is Rambod javan, one of famous actor that works as director too, the girl in right photo is Mitra Hajar that is also a famous but I don't like her very much & the other girl is not very well-known.

Scenes of movie Sourati, by fereidoon Jeirani:

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