Saturday, February 15, 2003

America So Beautiful...
It's a new movie that is now playing in the US... of course I haven't seen it but I read about it & also saw an interview with the director of movie who was an Iranian boy, I think it must be interesting. Also one of the popular Persian singer, Mansour (I don't like him as a singer at all, his rubbish songs just make me sick) acts in this film. Here is also a synopsis I found in the official site of the movie:
"America So Beautiful follows the odyssey of a group of Iranian immigrants in Los Angeles, trying to find their place in America amidst the unfolding of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. HOUSHANG believes his ticket out of his uncle's Persian market is to become a partner of a glittery disco - if he can just come up with the money. As Houshang struggles to pull his family into the deal, he decides to show them a piece of the dream by taking them out for an evening at the disco. They instead encounter a night of surprise and transformation, filled with hilarity, pain and revelation. Houshang’s desperate night of assimilation becomes a moving search for identity , culture and an affecting dissection of the American dream..."

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