Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Today was a good day, in compare with other days, although some things went wrong bur generally I was feeling good & school was nice too. Two of our teachers didn’t come & for the English class we went to see Harry Potter 2 movie, the only bad point was the chemistry class & the exam that I just answered one question!!!! The sky was completely crazy today, it was a minute sunny & the other minute rainy....ammm, don't know what other thing to say...
You know, I like writing diary a lot but most of the time I think that's a foolish work for me, because I really have no special point in my day to write about. All is this:
waking up...eating breakfast...going to school...coming back from school...connect to Internet for some hours...studying a little...watching TV...dinner...& sleep...Zzzz...& also two days a week I go to English class. That's all. Days are awfully boring & I have no special entertaining program :( Summer days are better, sometimes I go out with my friends or go to some classes & spend my time somehow but especially autumns I feel that moments take my life to be spent.

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